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la_sorelli's Journal

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Sorelli is a prefoessional dancer at the Paris Opera House. She is 26 years old and has a pronound presense on the stage.
It is pretty obvious that she and La Carlotta are close friends, they have been on the same stage for years. There is no competition between the two for they have different fortes.
La Sorelli also has other friendships, one with the articulated Comte de Chagney. Philippe is Raoul's older brother and guardian. Philippe de Chagney is a love-interest for La Sorelli.
She has just saved enough to buy her own apartment across the street from the Opera, a beautiful view too. La Sorelli is very simple when it comes to life, a few amennaties and companions.

(I do not own the character La Sorelli, nor do I take any ownership of the Phantom of the Opera. I am arubix_cube and play La Sorelli in the RPG og_notes The roleply is based from Gaston Leroux's novel, Phantom of the Opera)